Thursday, 25 August 2011

The Divers

At Gandak ki Baoli in Mehrauli. You may have to click and blow up the images to really see the diver because the background does not contrast the subject.

Can he fly?

No he cant.

And the Splash!

The steps down.

The quorum


  1. I remember having read about this place on this blog. I cant find that post now! Which one was it?

  2. @Shikhin - I have never written about Gandak ki Baoli earlier.

  3. Whoa. Great to see you still finding Dilli's gems. Makes me wonder why I became a working man, surely better to be out discovering? Anyways keep it up and I'll continue to live vicariously thru your blog

  4. @Matt - got you there, dint I? I am also a WORKING MAN now for a little under 2 weeks. This is from about a month ago. The exploration is on though, the subject having changed from Delhi to Chennai.