Monday, 22 November 2010

The Beginnings

While I have spent majority of my last 5 days in commuting in a crowded metro, getting ditched by call cabs, not finding autos to get back home, occasionally getting frustrated with the commute, unsuccessfully (till a few minutes ago) trying to find suitable accomodation, along the way I have also managed to see and observe a few things. For one, I am still camera-less, so everytime I have been out, I have tried to bring along my good friend Vivek with his camera. Looking at the job he has done, I think I should stop carrying my camera forever. In short, below is what we managed to do:

1. Bakrid at Jama Masjid - was the day I reached Delhi. This girl was washing her hands in the mosque's water tank in the courtyard. Along the main steps were lined sumptuous goodies for the occasion and a few unsuspecting creatures were awaiting slaughter.

2. Mehrauli Archeological Park - attended a heritage walk at 8 AM this last Sunday. There is so much around that park that is known and much more that is unknown. The photos below are from the Jamali Kamali mosque and tomb respectively.

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  1. I was in Delhi on 21st.. could have met
    - Piyush