Wednesday, 8 December 2010

Marking the Territory: Dilli Gate

Location - Delhi Gate (click here for the map location)

Co-ordinates - N28 38.463 E77 14.433

Closest Metro Station - New Delhi Railway Station (Yellow Line)

Landmark - The gate itself

The Southern-most gate of the city of Shahjahanabad, Dilli Gate links the city of Old Delhi to New Delhi (un the current locality of Daryaganj). At one time, a wall must have run on both sides marking the territory of the imperial city. What remains now is just the gate, flanked by 2 lanes of the road on each side. While the walls do not survive at all, the gate survives as a whole, unlike Kashmere Gate. On the western side, remains of a staircase leading to the gate top can still be seen. As on date, it is enclosed in a green iron fence (presumably put up by ASI) and is not accessible to common public. There is no information board on the gate. The wikipedia entry, however reads:

"The road was also called the Thandi sadak (the cool street) as it was a tree lined avenue. The gate, square in plan, was built in sandstone and is an impressive and large structure. Near the gate entry, two stone carvings of elephants were erected. The Emperor used this gate to go to the Jama Masjid for prayer. The road from this gate passing through Daryaganj lead to the Kashmiri gate. A part of the fort wall to the east has been demolished to build the Old Delhi Railway Station while the wall to the west exists."

Dilli Gate from South - this was the entry to Shahjahanabad
Arch of the Dilli Gate
Side View: The stairs leading up

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  1. The stairs in the last pic are barely visible, although the second pic has come out well :)