Monday, 31 January 2011

Guest Post: Photos by Ram Mahajan

My first contact with Ram was through my trekking website, As I moved to Delhi, I met him briefly once at New Friends Colony, shared a couple of beers and had some of Al Bake's shawarma rolls (or I had them for he is a poor vegetarian). He mentioned his interest in photography. In typical lazy fashion, I never bothered to check his facebook profile.

End of January, one Sunday evening, we got together again over three large Old Monks at Kabila Resto Bar in Hauz Khas (As an aside, I dont know what they do to it but they serve the best Old Monk I have ever had). He showed me some of his clicks on his HTC phone. I was blown over! BLOWN OVER! I asked him

'Why don't you consider photography professionally?'

'I do this for pleasure, cannot imagine doing this otherwise.' he replied.

After blabbering about why he should take this 'seriously' for a couple of minutes as he kept smiling at me, I realized such talk is too rich coming from someone who has been wandering for 19 months without taking anything seriously. So, I just shut my trap and asked him permission to post his photographs on this blog. All photos below are Ram Mahajan's work, copyright owned by him and not governed by the usual Creative Commons license on this blog. All of them were taken in and around Old Delhi, near Chandni Chowk. Look at them, admire them, drool at them but before using them, ask Ram. See more of his work at



  1. These really are great photos Ram. You have a real talent for photography!

  2. Hello Ram! How are you... Awesome Clicks Man u have gr8 talent.....i am at Singapore these no. is +6594592199.....or drop me mail at will wait.

    Sumit Gupta

  3. too gud pics.....its really amazing............u r the best man